Tennessee Tailored

See how Master Tailor Z, is making a name for herself and her craft in Tennessee.


The Challenge:

Z-Tailor was an established business in Brentwood, TN but it had failed to find any traction online. They wanted a refreshed presence, so Ooh La La Digital was given the green light in August of 2020 to begin work.


When working with a person who is an expert in their craft, it's easy for our team to build a cohesive website that best promotes their services.

Combined with our behind-the-scenes SEO, Brentwood started taking notice of the high-quality services that Z-Tailor offers in Brentwood.

Now anytime someone searches for a tailor near Brentwood, Master Tailor Z is right at the top of the search results!


SEO can be tedious and feel like you have your hands tied behind your back while you wait, but it's also incredibly rewarding.

If you’re struggling with rankings and month-over-month fluctuations in search volume, then getting ranked for relevant keywords can be your ticket out of the trenches and to a steady stream of clients.

That's what we accomplished with Z-Tailor and now she ranks first in both her city and the whole state of Tennessee!


Which plan is right for you?

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