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Whether you’re interested in new leads, increasing the awareness of your brand, or increasing the interaction of previous customers, social media should be a part of any comprehensive marketing campaign.

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Recent data shows that over 35% of online searchers are influenced by social media before making purchasing decisions.

In the right hands, social media can become a powerful tool for your business, drawing in more visitors and creating more revenue. Unfortunately, you may find yourself a little too busy running your business to maintain a Twitter, Facebook, or any other kind of social networking profile.

Don’t worry—that’s why Ooh La La Digital exists.


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Our marketing team includes a Local SEO Specialist, who is solely committed to handling your online presence with precision and immediacy. Their job is simple: use social media platforms to promote and strengthen your business, driving leads and maximizing your revenue using both paid and free resources.

We handle everything about your social presence, from making sure your name, address, and phone number are consistent across the web, to promoting your company's content and brand on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Our efforts allow you to engage with potential clients in niche spaces, creating business in places you have yet to reach.

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The other good news about content is that it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Strong content also supplements everything else in your marketing plan too. Good content increases your campaign’s quality score—which means the better your content is, the more effective your pay-per-click marketing will be. When your business is ranking “organically” (or as a result of natural search results) as well as in the PPC ads, users are more likely to choose your business over a competitor’s. Studies also show that the click-through-rates of PPC ads improved when lower-ranked sites had strong content.

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Billions of people worldwide use social media—2.13 billion to be specific. Social media advertising is a massive and untapped market that Ooh La La Digital is ready to take on. Our social media management strategy means putting your ads in front of the millions who use social sites on a daily basis.

Facebook in particular is a powerful potential market. Advertising on Facebook allows you access to a wide audience divided by age, location, occupation, interests, and more. You can choose your audience with unheard-of precision, reaching the clients who need you most. With nearly a billion visitors on a daily basis, Ooh La La Digital can leverage Facebook advertising to bring you to a whole new horizon of revenue possibilities.


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Social media, when handled well, has a less-obvious advantage: they help increase your ranking and your authority. “Authority” is a measurement of your business’ credibility in your field, as well as how trustworthy your profile’s information is. The more profiles you have and the more consistently they are maintained, the more search engines will consider your website trustworthy for users. As a result, the higher your business will rank in search results.



Having a strong online presence is a matter of both quality and quantity. One or two profiles might be doable, but our Local SEO Specialists can maintain over a hundred profiles on your behalf, created with one goal in mind: creating new clients and revenue for your business.

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Social media marketing and content marketing can give your brand a boost. You can get your firm in front of potential clients before they even know they need your services. If your brand is at the forefront of their minds because they’ve seen your messaging and values online again and again, they’ll be more likely to think of you when the need arises.

At Ooh La La Digital, our social media and content services are delivered by experts focused on your niche. This targeted expertise means your team knows precisely what it takes to deliver your message to the right audience while maximizing conversions and ROI. Our marketing teams are further verticalized by specialty. You’ll know that your team knows your niche and can deliver real results.

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Testing This Test

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Testing This Test

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Testing This Test

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Testing This Test

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