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Search engine optimization, often called SEO, is the process of getting a website to rank organically on search engines—without using paid advertising. With so many people using search engines to look for help online, SEO is crucial for any law firm to build your online presence.

Why businesses

need SEO

Today, virtually every need is filled with the help of the Internet. From ordering groceries to getting a consultation from a doctor, people use their phones, voice search, or their tablets and computers to get what they need. This is true for attorneys as well. Your target audience is looking for you online. Make sure they can find you.

SEO for law firms is a key service we provide at Ooh La La Digital. This includes a combination of on-site and off-site services, which we use to drive the right type of traffic to your website. Better traffic turns into better leads, which then turn into more contacts, clients, and cases.

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Building a

Better Way



There is no “quick and easy” way to approach legal SEO. There are no shortcuts that will actually work in the long run. It takes a white-hat, user-focused approach to make search engines and potential clients happy—and that’s how we approach SEO.

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Full Site Analysis
Before your website launches, we’ll conduct a full site analysis to make sure it is in compliance with SEO best practices, both on-site and off-site. We’ll consider which content should be preserved, how to improve the site’s structure, how to utilize existing or new backlinks and header or meta data optimization, and more to create SEO recommendations and strategies based on these findings.

Expert Recommendations
During and after the launch of your website, you’ll have a dedicated law firm SEO expert who knows your campaign inside and out—to make recommendations regarding your SEO and anything that could influence it. Every single detail will be monitored by your expert, so you can feel confident that your site will perform as it should—and change with the times as needed.

Ongoing Optimization
SEO is an ongoing process. Search algorithms change and people use different methods to search (such as voice or mobile), so your website must be continually optimized to make sure it remains in compliance with best practices and industry standards, to deliver the best user experience and real results. At Ooh La La Digital, we’re constantly working for our clients to improve SEO.

Technical SEO
As part of our ongoing search engine optimization efforts, our Ooh La La Digital Site Analyzer actively monitors the technical elements of your site and alerts your SEO manager if anything needs attention. This helps ensure nothing is missed in this volatile area of Internet marketing, where standing still and ignoring change create the perfect recipe for disaster.

Your own


Our law firm SEO experts and managers focus exclusively on helping firms maximize online visibility. At Ooh La La Digital, you’ll have your own team to manage your campaign and help you succeed.




Your law office should rank in the community you serve. Local SEO refers to increasing search visibility in your geographic area. Tools like Google My Business (GMB) offer a valuable way for law firms to manage their online presence not only in Search but in Maps as well. With the right GMB optimization and other local SEO efforts, potential clients in your area can find you, learn about your services and specialties, and read reviews. We’ll ensure your practice is set up correctly online, with the right information, review monitoring, and more.



Coding, internal link structure, and content are all on-site SEO actions that will help your website and its individual pages rank for the keywords you’re targeting. The content and meta data must be well-written, informative, and optimized. The website must be designed and coded correctly, with ongoing improvements based on any algorithm changes. We’ll make sure every part of your on-site SEO is created in compliance with industry standards and best practices—in turn, driving up rankings.



Off-site SEO is just as important as on-site SEO for your firm’s online visibility. With off-site SEO, our goal will be to build positive interactions and signals for your practice, such as brand mentions, positive reviews, and backlinks. Making sure we have consistent business information is another important part of this. Our lawyer SEO experts will work to create general brand awareness, which has the effect of building your practice online and offline as well.

Your website, your brand.

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