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Ooh La La Digital offers a smarter way to advertise your firm online, combining our expertise with machine learning and automation to allocate your budget the right way—maximizing your return on investment. Get more from less with our team and technology on your side.



In addition to ranking organically, your firm can take advantage of paid advertising to drive the right leads to your website.

PPC can have tremendous benefits for a firm. It’s easy to track, works well with other marketing channels, and gets potential clients to your law firm’s website quickly—even to a specific page that has the exact service they’re looking for. This helps with conversions, which are the end goal of any legal advertising strategy. Because it is so easy to track, PPC advertising can be shifted and changed across various channels to make sure your money is well spent. 

Social media advertising offers a way to improve brand awareness and engage prospective clients, which can bring in more leads. With targeted social advertising, you can experience higher conversion rates at lower costs.

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It takes strategy, diversification, and constant monitoring to experience the greatest benefit from pay-per-click advertising. At Ooh La La Digital, we have law firm SEO experts and proprietary technology at your disposal to constantly optimize your campaigns and make your advertising budget go further. We're building a better way with smarter, more effective advertising.

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At Ooh La La Digital, your PPC experts focus exclusively on legal marketing. This narrow focus means we have a finger on the pulse of your industry and can dedicate our experience to maximizing the efficiency of your PPC campaigns—in your field or area of specialty. This even extends to niches such as criminal defense, immigration, personal injury, or family law. We’re experts in our field as it pertains to yours.



Our proprietary technology addresses the unique challenges of law firm advertising. Automation and machine learning bring greater efficiency and control, and we utilize machine learning with an advertising system that leverages and expands on more than a decade of information about advertising campaigns, demographics, and other key data points to maximize the effectiveness of your online advertising.


Data & ROI


Optimizing for clicks or leads is not enough. Your PPC campaigns should be set up to convert and maximize your return on investment. After all, the purpose of paid advertising isn’t to get a certain number of leads or clicks. It’s to get people to call or come in for a consultation, where you can sell them on your services. That’s how Ooh La La Digital optimizes PPC campaigns for our legal clients.



Advertising on a single channel will bring limited results at a higher cost. Our law firm PPC experts use a diverse advertising portfolio to obtain a better ROI. We can see which channels are performing best, allocate more of your budget to the right channels, and reduce it in any channels that aren’t working as well—taking your budget further.

A/B Testing &

Conversion Optimization

Determining what users will respond to helps optimize conversions, and that’s why we use A/B testing to determine which landing page will perform best based on your targeted audience and preferred clients and cases. Taking the guesswork out of conversions is just one more way we can increase the efficacy of your PPC campaigns.

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